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Sugar Shack Signature Facial  $55/50 Mins

Refreshes and maintains all skin types for more hydrated, softer, and smoother skin. Our Sugar Shack facial begins with a deep cleanse, skin analysis, custom exfoliation, and a personalized mask too smooth and brighten your skin complexion. This facial will leave your skin hydrated and refreshed with a healthy glow. Great for a first time facial or maintenance within your skin care regimen

Anti Aging Facial $65/50 Mins

Defend your skin from the aging process with a facial that hydrates, brightens, and tightens your skin. A blend of enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids, smooth, and tighten while a superior blend of active brighteners gently fade discoloration for a radiant youthful glow. Infused with Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid to nourish and plump skin for the perfect anti-aging skincare treatment. Includes a deeply relaxing facial massage, décolletage massage, arm massage, deeply hydrating hand treatment and extractions to remove impurities. 

Diamond Microdermabrasion Treatment Facial  $80/70 Mins

A result-driven treatment that resurfaces the skin to create a smooth, fresh, more youthful glow! Deeply penetrating serums help correct and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, decrease the appearance of scarring, minimizes pores, helps even complexion, and reduce hyperpigmentation (also known as age spots). Our ultimate Diamond facial treatment includes the décolletage as well as a hot stone neck and shoulder massage. For maximum results, this treatment is recommended to be conducted in a series of 6 treatments

Teen Facial $55/45 Mins

Being a teenager is hard enough with wanting the “newest this” and ”the latest that.” Puberty can be devastating on the ego and acne doesn’t help! Teenagers’ skin blemishes result from hormonal changes causing the sebaceous glands to increase oil production. We tailor our facials to both young ladies and men looking to manage and control their acne. This facial begins with a deep cleansing, followed by gentle extractions, LED therapy and a healing mask that will help to rehydrate dry, flaky skin and decongest pores. 

The Gentleman $55/50 Mins

Customized for men’s skin care needs, this balancing facial effectively renews skin tone and texture while helping to soothe and restore devitalized, sun-damaged or razor-burned skin. 

Back Facial $50/45 Mins *$35 if added to another facial

Clean up "bacne" congestion with our customized back treatment. Tailored to your specific skin type and condition. Your skin is left feeling and looking more clear and even. The back facial includes exfoliation and extractions .

baby belly facial $55/60 Mins

Being pregnant can cause a lot of changes in your skin—and not just the skin on your face. Stretch marks occur when the body grows faster than the skin can keep up with, which results in tears and injury to the skin. This treatment is for the belly of expectant mothers. It uses gentle exfoliation and a high concentration of barrier repair oils to maximize skin strength, moisturize and increase elasticity to prevent stretch marks, and relieves dryness, discomfort and itchiness

Derma planning Facial $95 or $65 w/o facial

Exfoliating treatment using a surgical stainless steel blade. Reduces the appearance of acne scars and fine lines be removing the outer layers of dead skin, fine vellus hairs and will leave your skin smooth and glowing.

Intimate Facial (Vajacial) $40/25 Mins *$20 if added to another facial

The intimate facial is an ideal treatment for those hard to reach and intimate areas. If you suffer from hyper pigmentation, dark spots, ingrown hairs and irritation, this facial is for you. It is the best solution for combating vaginal dryness, tightness and elasticity that become more noticeable with aging. The intimate facial process involves cleansing, toning, exfoliating, mask 

  • Treats in-grown hairs

  • Removes dead skin cells

  • Smooths bumps around the bikini line

  • Prevents acne

  • Helps maintain healthy, smooth, hydrated skin

Facial Add On's

Foot treatment $20
Hand treatment $20
Scalp treatment $10
Lip treatment $10
Specialty Masks $15 - $40
Aroma Therapy $10
Microdermabrasion $25
LED therapy $20
Ampoules/Serums $10 - $30